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i love you.

The book is out in the world. A grand thing to celebrate and I’ll get to that, but we’re going the long way home with some detours, as usual. The lead up to the book release was like taking a very long flight for the first time. You’re heading to a magical destination, an exotic … Continued

The Cook Book of All Time

Our cook book is officially out for pre order. What a thing! It’s beautiful, it’s practical, I think it’s even funny. But most of all it’s true. It’s honest. It’s us. So much of what we do comes and goes in a blur of speed and force and the mostly intangible. We received one single … Continued

glad tidings

July is a month I don’t recommend. Things happen in a life, not all of them so objectively splendid, and the body starts to organize its expectations around information like weather, or the sound of a car driving too fast, or the rhythms of the calendar. It’s not the body’s fault. It has to orient … Continued

until soon, open for take out and delivery!

Photo taken in real life I was feeling very prepared to tackle this newsletter and then immediately upon starting (seven days ago), I came down with a terrible case of newsletter writer’s block (similar in symptoms to catalogue writer’s block, or say, pamphlet writer’s block). And if you could extrapolate that block out farther and … Continued

backseat wine school!

If you know Dani Rozman and the wines of La Onda, you’re going to want to go ahead and skip this fluff and get straight to the ordering of the wine. It’s scant! As always. But if you’re a new kid on the scene, bored, thirsty, and enjoy a good story, keep reading. Dani farms some … Continued

Beltrane May 1st!

Hello! And happy Beltrane! Not familiar with this optimistic and slightly hedonistic concept of celebration? ALLOW ME TO ENLIGHTEN YOU: From sunset on April 30 to sunset tonight, the Gaelic tradition insists that we honor life, celebrate the peak of Spring and its glorious nexus with Summer; that we bend a knee to earth energy, fertility, romance, the abundant bursting-forth-ness in the air, … Continued

a random thursday

What can we say? Another day another pair of gloves? The sun is shining so bright you might almost want to complain about it being too hot, protective gear and all, but then you gotta look around and feel the breeze and listen to the wind chimes. The produce is getting gorgeous-er by the minute with Spring so … Continued

backseat wine school parr

Perhaps you caught our little vid this week on the wines of Pedro Parra? If not, glad you’re joining us Brenda! Thought we’d recap the bottles we tasted right here so you could get a little better handle on the wines. P.S. this is as close as you’re going to get to understanding them without actually drinking … Continued

good friday

Good Friday! I know, that was yesterday, but this week we got our asses kicked so here we are, a day late. Drop kicked really, from a height unnamed only to be sent sailing back up by a boot made of lead and fall right on back down to meet this unwavering rock with all of our bones. Don’t get … Continued

keep the light on

Though you wouldn’t know it from Tyler’s hair (pristine), we haven’t stopped moving much. In keeping with forward motion, our uniform has also reached new heights. This week we got upgraded by our very own Karrah, who made our entire staff (super nice!) masks, complete with a pocket for filters, in an assortment of patterns and … Continued