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a random thursday

What can we say? Another day another pair of gloves? The sun is shining so bright you might almost want to complain about it being too hot, protective gear and all, but then you gotta look around and feel the breeze and listen to the wind chimes. The produce is getting gorgeous-er by the minute with Spring so heavily upon us, and there’s a ripeness hanging in the air and bending the branches on our lemon tree at home. It’s best to lean into the feeling, even if it’s one of stress or awkwardness or boredom *insert hand raising emoji* because life will contract before it can expand us.  It feels like we could even maybe be on the precipice of something; big change feels near, a new, non-aforementioned path that isn’t already so unfolded before us but will get its due shape and carving only with each successive step we dare to take. Maybe the road bends so drastically off the course you thought you were on—that we thought we were on!—that a once-anticipated goal tastes like a boiled cabbage next to the plump, exotic treat we’re now heading toward. An out-creation of what we thought was possible, the so-called big goal or end mark shrunk to a pebble and leaving the tale we had spun to define our very selves outmoded. What if it’s different! What if it’s grander?!  More lush with more water and air and wild birds and flowers opening, more life to be born and love to be given and received, What if! Or maybe the heat has gone to my head, the house is a mess because dirty dishes are self-proliferating, Tyler and I skipped dinner last night and haven’t even really laughed in over 24 hours (!) and the only actual thing on the horizon is more hot weather with no water to jump into, no summertime in Sicily. You could say that was a totally fucked reality. And oh, I am! But not so much that I don’t feel a little giddy just hearing the keys click in ponderance of what could be—what is to come!—(besides more hyphens), not so much that I don’t smile wholly even now at the thought of us swimming again one day in a sea cleaner and brighter, at the very realness of making new dreams come true, and delighting in a little recklessly loud music and more than a little inappropriate jokestering at work with our too-good-to-be-true team in the meantime. And we can couple this state of affairs with a sturdy lot of skin contact wine, a hefty dose of pork (match made in heaven), a chilled red wine (also perfect pairing), a foot in the grass, a total abandonment of the dishes, and some self-guided dancing and singing, because truly, and really, no one is watching. Is that so bad an option? That’s for you to contemplate. Now tell us joke and send over a meme—one we haven’t yet seen, I dare you.





What we are reading: Tyler is rounding third base on London, I just cracked open Song of Achilles. The ending of Bel Canto really fucking pissed me off, and I say that as a true and avid fan of Ann Patchett. WTF over?!

NEW F*CKING AWESOMENESS in the marketplace: PORCHETTA SUNDAY ROAST ENERGY IS LIT AND LIVE FOR PRE ORDER in the Survival Kits category! Marin Sun Farms bellies gettin rolled as we speak; There is an entire CHEESE section now, which bears mentioning again, Italian anchovies, the return of Burger Kits, and mucho mas wine. Striped Bass is not to miss, fresh and gorgeous and delicious with some rice and beans, or greens, or potatoes, or fennel or or or you name it!

SPEAKING OF WINE: Here’s a little recap on the skin contact wines in the market, all available for hire most nights and weekends:

Fleur de Garderose: White Bordeaux (sauvignon blanc) but not grassy or stiff, plush like eating grapes off the vines, made with zero intervention, and super delicate touch of skin contact; a whisper if you will!

Coenobium Ruscum: Perfection and sunlight and apricot and minty dreams coming true with your lover under the shade of a big oak tree and a picnic and a breeze; or maybe on a roadside bench eating a gas station cheese sandwich in rural Europe with no one around for miles. Time is stopped, life is complete, this wine is golden, so don’t order it please it’s for us ok bye.

Arboreus Paolo Bea: a slight notch more depth and skin contact and amber color and texture than Coenobium but with the same balance and energy and completion; this is a pork wine and Bea is a master and this wine for this price, cmon, we might as well just close and give it away, don’t fuck about it here!

Amphorae Kabaj: The deepest dive into a pool of ancient treasure buried underground, and a wine that belies its secrets with an easy rural charm; the mystery will unravel after glass numero uno and you’ll start to see the future in your mind’s eye but only if you tilt your face to the sky and imagine your ancestors working hard to guide you.

Bonus Round: The season for grilling is here, the season for less clothing and more outside, the season for chilling some red and making the meat tender over fire so that it sends a smoke signal and that signal is drink FEINTS From RUTH LEWANDOWSKI CUVEE ZERO. Red and white Italian grapes grown in California and then wine made in Utah (long story, use google), this wine is bright, punchy, electric and selfless in the joy it bestows on anyone lucky enough to open it; that said it is no ditz or airhead, it is thoughtful, soulful, charming, and genuine. Don’t buy it ok thx bye.

We’ve been cooking: last night was house made granola for dinner, a few spoonfuls of ice cream, a few pulls of country loaf, and a corner piece of cheese. Even we don’t cook every night!

Post Script: Merch is here!!! Stay tuned for wardrobe upgrades coming at you in less than 24 hrs…show off your beach bod but just keep your mask and gloves on ok?
“Being in love shows a person who he should be.”

—Anton Chekhov

MUSIC BB: Let’s dance. Here’s a new playlist (trigger warning bc it does have Kenny Loggins and Hall & Oates… you’ve been warned); it’s great for a half-assed, shitty backyard workout where you stop every five minutes to check instagram or eat a random snack, dancing with your dog, laugh-crying alone and saying Fuck it real loud to no one (my friend Gemma knows what’s up), cooking, and really anything that involves non linear movement. Also of note, we’ll be jamming to this heat tonight during service, so it’s like we’ll all be together again for dinner. Kind of.