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We cook simple food. All of our ingredients are grown by farmers, come from small ranchers, are caught by fisher-people we trust, things like that. We bake our own bread. We only cook with really good olive oil or butter. We do our best to source the best. Our menu changes with what’s available and what’s in season, and it’s just good, honest cooking meant to fill you up and warm you. Our wines are of the same ethos, the same kind of people doing good work for the earth; they are natural, honest, storied, made by people, and yes, delicious. We are able to accommodate vegetarians, vegans, most allergies, and those who are gluten free. We look forward to feeding you.

The Cook Book of All Time

We wrote a cook book! All the hits are in here—the salad dressing, the burrata, the crispy rice, the cobbler, the cookies, the lamb ragu—all of it!—plus some pretty solid cooking advice, story-telling, and a PG-13 joke or two. These recipes were born in our backyard, and got adapted to the rhythms of a busy restaurant. This book is the story of All Time and homecoming for the food, only now we’re in your kitchen.

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Page 78: Romesco (for the Japanese Sweet Potatoes!)

Gaiman’s Law:

No matter how much a book is proofread, upon opening a printed copy of your own book for the first time, the first thing you’ll see is a typo.


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