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is this real life?

I’m currently pecking at the sanitized keyboard in the back of the land cruiser in our parking lot. I’m watching Tyler swing an actual sledge hammer into the concrete; why? Well he said it was part of the plan to plant new vines to scale the fence, but I think he might be trying to escape something? Maybe dig up the gold bricks he stashed there, a surprise gift? We are thirteen days in to a totally new business and we’re asking ourselves a great deal of questions. Will the healthy skin ever grow back on our hands? What killed our refrigerator? Can you believe our home fridge died a weird sudden death taking with it our many months’ worth of meticulously stocked provisions (hint: if you know us you know that is complete fabrication—the part about provisions; there was some wine and maybe a string cheese in it, but the wine is safe, not to worry)? How is it that Tyler so impressively moved the new refrigerator into the house and just broke only one single window? Also somewhere in the back of our minds Umm is this life now? For how long?

We must say that we are SO grateful to be in business, sandwiched between the support of our mighty staff and the support of all of you. We are fairly certain you are likely asking yourselves much of the above, too (esp that which is regarding Tyler’s super human strength and sculptural legs). Luckily, we have zero answers! Instead, we choose to lean on good wine (thinning out the good stash quite rapidly these days), bad cooking vids, and each other. So that’s what we’ll offer you here this afternoon, take what you love, leave what you don’t. Thanks for riding along.